Healthy North Belfast word cloud

What makes you feel healthy and happy?

871 people from across North Belfast told us what they do to feel healthy and happy. 

Spending time with other people came out top. This could be time spent with family or with friends, with work colleagues or even volunteering in the community.

“I run local kids group in the area. I love seeing their wee faces coming through the door each week.”

“I like my job and I like working with children and seeing them grow up and become good people […] they make me smile every day.”

“My friends are my family. They support me and make me feel loved and strong and safe. Having that support and safety net makes me feel that I can get through whatever the world has for me.”

“My husband (sometimes)”

Going for a walk was the most popular physical activity, and football, the most talked about sport.

While there are lots of fit people in North Belfast who love nothing more than going to the gym, a few honest souls did admit to finding happiness in less healthy pursuits.

“Going for a walk. Seeing the sea. Shopping. Meals out. Cooking. Red wine. White wine. Wine wine.”