What is Healthy North Belfast?

Healthy North Belfast is about working together

We are working to come up with a plan to improve health and wellbeing for everyone in North Belfast. We are using a methodology called appreciative inquiry.

What is an appreciative inquiry?

Appreciative inquiry is a tool to change the way things are done. It focuses on what is already working – what is strong, not what’s wrong – so that we can build on those strengths.


What happens next?

An appreciative inquiry has four stages, also known as the 4Ds – discovery, dream, design and delivery. We have set ourselves an ambitious timeline to have our action plan published by the end of 2019.

  • Discovery

    Discovering the best of what is. During this stage, we looked at 10 years of health statistics for North Belfast to identify trends. We also talked to people to get to the stories behind the statistics.

  • Dream

    Imagining what could be, building on the best of what is. We will share what we discovered in the first stage and work with people, communities and organisations to come up with dreams for an ideal future.

  • Design

    This is about planning for what should be and how we get there.

  • Delivery

    This is about creating what will be. That means agreeing an action plan – and doing what it says!