Older man and group of young people

Tell me about a time when…

We asked North Belfast residents to describe a time when they or someone close to them was unwell and got really good help. This could have been from a GP or the hospital, a therapist or even a friend or loved one.

707 people shared their stories. And three out of four told us about a time when they got good quality care.

We heard about doctors who never seem to be off duty and nurses who said “Call me, anytime”. We heard about paramedics who saved lives, and family, friends and neighbours who made dinner, cut hedges or just listened.

Most of all, we heard from people who were pleased to get the opportunity to say thank you.   

“The help of family and Marie Currie. Thank you.”

“Whiteabbey Hospital after referral from GP saved my life.”

“[He] has had the best of treatment, treated at all times with kindness and respect in each hospital by all members of staff. I have been very touched and very thankful and will always be grateful for this.”

“Dad was saved by ICU in the Royal. He’s my best friend.”

“I am so thankful to the surgeon and aftercare [and] support from family was just unbelievable.”

“The staff there were amazing and thanks to them, I had surgery two days later! I couldn’t thank them all enough.”

“My wife was […] fighting for her life. Thanks to the staff she is at home now and recovering.”

“My mum, just being her beautiful supportive self, made all the difference.”