Healthy North Belfast Drawing

A few of our favourite quotes

Here at Healthy North Belfast HQ, we’re all googly eyed, reading and analysing what 1,014 North Belfast people have told us about their health and happiness, hopes and dreams. 

Some have made us laugh out loud, some have made us cry. All have made us think. Here, for various reasons, are a few of our favourites so far … 

“I live at the foot of Cavehill, and it makes me happy every time I look up at it. The entire landscape is beautiful, being on a height and looking over the city.”

“I worry about loneliness. There are lots of older people here who are lonely. There should be more things for them to do and to get together and not just things for old people. Mick Jagger is a granddad and you don’t see him going to tea dances.”

“Watch the Real Marigold Hotel — pensioners are sent to different cities to see what retirement is like. In Mexico, there are huge retirement complexes and beautiful homes and free exercise classes and dance and dental. In St Petersberg, it’s not as health-based – there’s dance, makeup, vibrant older ladies!”

“Better jobs with more focus on job satisfaction. I wish at school when they talked about careers they talked about what type of lifestyle you wanted as well. I would have made different choices, like something that would let me travel or earn lots of money and retire young.”

“Better public transport. Other cities have overground and underground trains and metros and trams and buses. We just have buses, then we got the glider, which is basically a bus in purple.”

“I like my job, and I like working with children and seeing them grow up and become good people. Young people get a bad press, but we should celebrate them more because they make me smile every day.”

“I think nurses should be paid more. Health is so important and it is something everyone has, so the people who care for our care should be priceless.”